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LearnersEDGE 360°

Customizable solution that provides and integrates a 360-degree view of all student, school and teacher data all in one place.

LearnersEDGE 360°

Experience. Develop. Grow. Evolve.

LearnersEDGE 360° provides educators, students and parents with access to a 360° view of the student, which can include performance, historical, attendance, testing, demographic, extracurricular data. You can also incorporate student and parent input with our Learners Profile module, allowing schools to develop a true personalized learning plan for each student.

LearnersEDGE 360° has been selected as one of the top 10 Education solutions for 2020 by CIO Review Magazine. Read the article here.

  • Teachers can view and verify their students readiness, target and introduce developmentally appropriate instruction, engage & motivate based on interests and passions, monitor growth over time and promote a curious, creative, critical thinker.
  • Students can document and view their experiences, develop new understandings, grow their expertise and evolve into a more empathetic, knowledgeable and competent global citizen.
  • Parents in partnership with teachers and their student, can appreciate and support their children’s achievements, varied interests, goals, and accomplishments over time.
  • School and district administrators can roll up all district student and school information to spot trends and identify potential issues that can assist in planning and implementing school improvement plans.

LearnersEdge 360° seamlessly integrates with your current Student Information System and gets the required data it needs to produce the insightful dashboards.The information from LearnersEDGE 360° can follow the student throughout their entire journey through the school system from Pre-school to graduation.

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  • Demographic details
  • Attendance & Behavior
  • Partnerships
  • Standardized assessment data
  • Grades and Accomplishments
  • Culture for learning & innovation
  • Customizable WIDGETS for your dashboard
  • Trend Analysis

School Improvement Planning Module

  • School Improvement Planning Module for District, School, and Team Goals
  • Progress update to support and promote an iterative continuous improvement
  • Wrap-up actions to reflect practices

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  • Access to Performance Data by Type of Assessment, School, Grade, and Demographic Variables
  • Trend analysis for Math & Reading
  • Individual historical assessment data


  • Roster level views of Standardized Assessments
  • Aggregated GPA data
  • Instantaneous Views of results by School, Grade, Course, Special Service or demographic variables

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  • Survey Dashboard
  • Survey Reports
  • Perception Data Collection
  • Feedback Data Collection
  • Teachers Evaluation Data Collection

Learners Profile

  • All About Me
  • Interests, Hobbies, and Preferences
  • Goals & Accomplishments
  • My Learning
  • Reflection